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Cover letter for Ingermar Peter Turner

Chapel Court, Hawthorn Street, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5EN
For the attention of the Programme Director - July 2017.

Greetings Dear Programme Director.

Hello, I hope it's all going well for you today. My name is Peter Turner and I live in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 03-10-59.

I'd like to put myself forward for stand-in presentation at your station on a gig by gig basis, as and when required; ideally suited to late evenings and overnights.

I've always liked the idea of the radio phone-in method of assisting with sorting out the world's problems and believe people need to be encouraged to take more responsibility in matters that affect them.

Love the talk radio format but I'm also OK with pop music, B-sides, the 70s to 2010s, alternative music such as unsigned artists... anything, in fact!

Music, radio and entertainment have always been a passion.

What are your thoughts on the DUP pact? Theresa May's £1 billion deal with the Democratic Unionists to be followed by a further £500 million in money's worth. Will it affect the power balance in Northern Ireland's power-sharing government? And, what about Scotland and Wales - are they about to lose out?

I love the idea of the radio phone-in, especially on a dedicated talk station.

WORLD: In addition, it seems the Sunni Muslim – Shia Muslim religious divide, contributing to many of the conflicts around the Middle East is not any closer to a resolution for world peace.

President Putin too, regressing almost to his old ways; maybe not so far back as the Cold War era, but nevertheless to an uncomfortable distance. Especially as he went into Syria in support of the Assad regime bringing into being a measure of opposition to the US and UK's efforts at dealing with the conflict. It has to be said that the Syrian Civil War established an unprecedented flood of refugees across the European continent in search of safety.

I'm happy with remuneration commensurate with experience and FREE to work whenever you have a need. Available for one-off slots. Awesome!


I have a good idea as to where the government should be going on Brexit.

TRUMP: As for Donald J. Trump (as the New York Times like to describe him), we will have to wait and see what he delivers but so far he seems to be diminishing the effectiveness of the Executive Order method of getting things done.

I don't pretend to know the finer details of all the political issues. I mean, not at the level MPs do. But hey, neither do many members of the public. I think the presenter should not be the man who knows all the answers all the time but should be open to influence in some matters from time to time by the caller on the phone. In any case, they would (should) have prepared notes from a previous research.

Making changes

Just about everything the government is doing at the moment is lagging behind where it should be. The various parties have always been uncertain as to where to take their policies. Traditionally, do what you did the last time seems the usual practice and blame errors on the opposition. This is how it was pre-computer age and, as you might have guessed, little has changed since. In terms of decision making and course of direction, the computer age has, in reality, for governments, seemingly made the situation a whole lot worse.

General election 2017

Jeremy Corbyn seems to be on the rise; UKIP has had a knock-back, the Lib Dems are moving a little, the SNP aren't too pleased following GE2017 and, of course, Theresa May lost her (David Cameron's) majority. Finally, a major concern with the Labour party's gains (+ 29 seats) is that people fear that Corbyn might do a U-turn on Trident following his proposed defence policy review planned to take place after being elected to power.

The BIG issues facing our governments today!

Unemployment, homelessness, relative poverty, the prison population, minor mental health conditions, the struggling NHS, out-of-date police training, disturbing discrepancies across the reward systems such as pay scales and grades. The national debt sometimes called the deficit. Frighteningly, none, yes I said none of these issues is being properly addressed. Further, and maybe more importantly, the human dynamic allocation is pressing ahead under the steam of evolution governed by global forces. An analogy to this by comparison to the government would be legislators setting statutes that were out of line with public needs. In other words, the more the law fits the need the more likely it will be complied with and that inclination leads to less administrative maintenance. We have heard the term money and power used many times, but never before this new millennium has an understanding of the relationship between the two been more important.

Mastering your own success!

Most of our problems are really very simple. Take obesity, for example, it is a matter of energy in versus energy out. Your metabolic system will determine whether that results in over or under what it should be. So, to make a start, monitor your eating, balance your diet, and monitor your exercise. Your wish will bring into being a discipline which will chase the vision you set in place when you pictured the new you. Done. Congratulate yourself. You're a success!

I've done overnights on the graveyard shift on music radio, 2 a.m. till 6 a.m.

Please look at my CV (which follows), and see what you think? I am open to any type of arrangement and would love to assist when needed.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Social Media and recordings:

An audio compilation is at my Twitter: @IngermarTurner

My CV is at MS OneDrive: here:!AjzOiKaEBocugzqpm04BwcntHmwK

Please feel free to contact me at any time; I look forward to hearing from you.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

IPT January 2017. (revised July 2017)

Footnote: On a station with a music format, the POLITICS could or would simply be left out if not suitable or relevant to the station identity.

Thanks very much
Ingermar Peter Turner

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In the Beginning - About Etherow Online

Back in the 1980s, author of the blog Peter Turner was listening to the radio. Actually that's me and I was attempting to expand my horizons one evening by tuning in to radio stations here there and everywhere to see who was on. I came across Trans World Radio Monte Carlo and a service called Viewpoint 963 from the transmitters of Radio Caroline in the North Sea. Trans World Radio were broadcasting Christianity and Evangelism, while Caroline were simply renting out airtime on a spare transmitter.

On Trans world Radio I remember programmes coming from Eastbourne, Sussex, England and Chicago Illinois, USA. I was primarily interested in radio and there was something magical about receiving far away stations. They called that pass-time radio DX-ing. As for Christianity, I wasn't that interested as it was sprung from archaic writings of the bible which to my mind are too symbolical. I know, that's what is meant by taking it on faith but how could I test anything coming out of a 2000-year-old principle? It was ladened with confusion.

Fortunately I came across a programme on Viewpoint entitled 'How Your Mind
Can Keep You Well - The Moment Of Truth' by Roy Masters.
Actually, back to this in a jiffy because while listening to the English services of Transworld Radio I came across a guy called Joel Neederhood from the Christian Reformed Church, Chicago, Illinois. He titled his weekly output as the Back to God Hour while the programme itself was called the Love Sign. All about the Crucifix and the significance Joel Neederhood believed it held for all Christians. Excerpts were along the lines of: "You must believe this... and you must believe that one day we are going to see the triumph of LOVE. Yes... hate will not have the upper-hand always... it will not have the last word. Pain, bloodshed, corruption and terror. THESE are not ULTIMATE realities... LOVE. IS. ULTIMATE. REALITY". It, he, went on for about an hour and although I told you earlier I was listening.. well.. in absolute truth I was recording the programme. That way I could be in complete control of the playback skipping past things and replying others. Spooling the cassette tape. Now the point I would like to get across is this. It was very compelling listening. And I paid little attention to the various biblical quotes such a those about Jesus dying on the cross at Calvary. No, I was more captivated by the feeling-tone which lay behind his words. Although Joel Neederhood was quoting scripture he was in fact, and from his own point of wisdom, interpreting natural law. This represents everything religion is trying to tell you but without any of the cumulative distortions of history. The dialogue represented present truth not found in ancient writings. Perhaps, unconsciously I became kind of aware of the dualistic impact of ancient and modern - ancient from the words of the scriptures being spoken, and modern from the soul of the narrator being felt simultaneously and maybe realising - although not quite clearly - that God and Religion are two separate entities. More to the point that God can exist without the involvement of any religion. Hmm... makes you think. Now back to the Foundation. The programme was originating from the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) in Los Angeles, California with their head quarters located in Oregon, USA

It is a foundation and doesn't move on from the foundation. Roy Masters has been teaching lesson one, on the radio, for about 30 years. It was a starting point where I attempted to disprove everything I heard him say. He spoke my language, though, and many of his principles hold true today. He once said "...of yourself you can do nothing...". But I have modified that because you have your wishful thinking. That is really all you can do: seek permission. So, of yourself you can seek permission with your wishful thinking - Hope.

As for Etherow Radio the station was proposed to go on air in the early 1980s on 1026 kHz AM. Now, have you ever thought about setting up a transmitting antenna for the medium wave radio service? For 1026 kHz the wavelength is about 280 meters. So to be efficient the aeriel would need to be 140 meters long. In addition there are all kinds of grounding wires that have to be set in place. I believe these act as exciters for the signal coming out of the wire. Due to lack of space we had available to us at the time and of course the need for an efficient radiator, we chose to abandon the medium wave and go for FM instead. Etherow Radio came on on 105 MHz FM. That was the beginning; way back in the '80s. Sadly, the station went into demise and into 'mothballs' a few years later. But the name lives on today. Etherow Radio - Etherow Online and IPT. We're just waiting for the second coming. Best wishes from IPT. ℗ IPT 18th June 2015. Modified 15th February 2018.

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Not your regular way of being and doing

Romiley, Stockport - 1990s - where I used to live. The postmaster of the village post
office looking relieved that I was the end marker of a queue that encasulated a
cumulative group of elderly people collecting their pensions, said to me: "75% of them
aren't in." He looked as though he had been fielding a medium heavy-weight cricket
match where all the balls were going his direction.

Paul Weller too, on one of his songs, says: "lights go out, walls come tumbling down.."
I'm pretty sure there must be many more examples surrounding that phenomenon, but
what do they mean? Lights out and seemingly nobody at home!

Turner, me, IPT of Etherow Online believes it to be a trance-state. And to clarify that, we
assume it to be an altered state of consciousness. A trance is, however, nothing without
content. A trance-state is merely a measure of sleepiness and is naturally occurring.
Hypnagogia and hypnopompia are examples of this. What we should be eager to discover
is where the content is coming from. That which is driving the behaviour. A simple
explanation would be that it is the hypnotic rationalisation. I read about that some years
ago. That people have a tendency to invent things when they are entranced. After all,
most people use fantasies to reduce stress even if they amount to nothing more than
minor alterations in perception. However, that does not answer the question as to where
the induction came from.

Taylor Swift sang: "'s like I got this music, in my mind, saying 'it's gonna be alright'. "
Here, I'd ask the question: who's saying what?

Is that the 'music machine' saying it's gonna be alright? If so, it is a transference, an
empowerment delivered spiritually from master to artist. It represents intuitive

I perceive intuitive intelligence as different from normal intelligence in that normal
intelligence revolves around making choices from already known facts held in memory.
Usually, these were gained from actual experience. Conversely, intuitive intelligence
seems temporarily to re-configure thinking patterns and involves measures of amnesia
for events which do not suit the new mindset. It arrives as a unit similar to a symbol,
but unlike the symbol, this nugget reveals a core of instructions affecting all six senses.
Five somatic and one spiritual. That is truly in the realm of the Gods.

I have an explanation for these types of happenings. The need for the so-called lights-out
arrives from the necessity to adjust people more quickly than they can adjust themselves
through their own experience. Computerisation and the digital age also play a part in that
together they accelerate the pace at which we move. What we are witnessing is a fast-
track designed and executed by the Gods, to bring people, as a whole, up to speed.
Dale Carnegie no doubt would have described this as an example of life evening itself out.
These are pseudo-experiences. The outcome is true experience and learning which was
set in motion by a false memory. That false memory belongs to somebody else. In the
cases of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez for example, those transferences belong to the
music machine and the music industry. Now, do not misunderstand. I am not suggesting
that Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez are functioning like robots, but rather they are
permitted at a very high level to express what they already possess. The process simply
optimises everything they do. And it only happens because they want to do it. Lights-out,
then, represents a powerful influence which smothers people, and almost takes them
over, but only if they want that.

Finally, there is no real amnesia. Nothing has been forever, lost. There were and are only
temporary changes made to recall.

So how does this relate to the postmaster, in his post office, back in Romiley in the 1990s?
It's a known fact that change can only take place when currently held ideas and beliefs
are overpowered by something superior. Fielding that 'cricket match' where 75% of the
players were out - under artificial lighting - would likely create a powerful motivation and
thus change the post master's mindset permanently. He seemed relieved to see me, as I
wasn't one of the 'perpetrators'. Saving the best till last? I had all my lights on (and blazing
as usual). But unfortunately I couldn't save him from the inevitable ageing effects it would
have had. Lessons in becoming old(er)? Maybe. Best wishes from IPT.
℗ IPT 18th June 2015 Your comments are welcome.

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Referaming Britain after Brexit - the missing bits

There is a plan for a fairer taxation system for Britain. It's called Social Responsibility Tax. It is designed to create market-driven full-employment when applied across chosen sectors of industries operating in the British-domain. The purpose of the initiative is to eliminate unemployment in the UK for all time and in the process create the additional revenue essential to clearing the national debt without the need for tax increases or spending cuts.

At the moment a portion of the national debt, around 23%, is owned by the Bank of England having recently been purchased using an instrument known as quantitative easing. That means the financier creates the money electronically as though with a magic wand. It is an additional and temporary input to the money supply consisting of electronically generated funds.

IPT suspects that those electronically generated funds are responsible in part for the current increase in inflation from its all-time-low of whatever-it-was (around 0.2%) to the now 2.7% (January 2018). A rule-of-thumb in economics states that when demand outstrips supply, the supply lines become more precious and thus more valuable meriting an increase in price. That's the reverse of what the Bank of England normally uses quantitative easing for - an attempt at stabilising retail price inflation.

In 2017 the British government made available £2 billion in additional funding to local authorities with the intention of eliminating NHS bed blocking. That same year, the national debt cost the Chancellor around £49 billion. Even with the nationalised Bank of England's owned portion, the debt is costing the taxpayer about £38 billion each year.

The national debt now stands at an estimated 1.6 trillion UK pounds with a planned increase to £2 trillion by the year 2020. Chancellor Hammond states the increase will be due to 'turbulence and uncertainties' created by Brexit.

Full employment, with all citizens boosting the economy, is the way to turn the deficit into a financial surplus. The knock-on effects will remove overburden from the NHS - the true cause of its shortages of funds - by reducing frustrations and illnesses. Full employment will also pave the way to a crime-free society with minimal burden on the law courts and prisons.

None of this is possible while remaining a member of the European Union. It is only possible with full sovereign control.

Social Responsibility Tax targets selected market space with an emphasis on public ownership of manufacturing, proportionately regulated middle-man operations and an almost free service industries sector. The idea is that those sectors being controlled by the Social Responsibility Tax system will be subject to market-space regulation ensuring that employers recruit sufficient numbers of staff for the market share they possess. The type of market, size of market share, and the company turnover will determine how many members of staff should be employed by them at any given time. They will be periodically charged at the cost of an average adult wage for each member of staff they fail to employ.

Once a yardstick - to measure staff requirement relative to company share - had been devised, company data, collected monthly by electronic polling of figures entered by their administrators, would be analysed by the (super)computer. This is the moment that companies can be ordered to take on specified numbers of staff or be subjected to SRT penalties. One SRT tax sting per absent person.

Since writing this article, it has become increasingly clear that in addition to Social Responsibility Tax for market-driven full employment there will be a need for national minimum pricing to be applied selectively to retail and wholesale transactions reducing the need for government subsidies, to farmers for example, and protecting retail from self-destruction.

Benefits of Social Responsibility Tax

*Modification of function due to the reframing of the reward system of capitalism and introduction of selective minimum pricing.

Social Responsibility Tax is an idea awaiting implementation by the next available responsible government - or even the current one.

Please feel free to leave a comment, make a request, or ask a question.
Produced by IPT 15th February 2018

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